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Agile Methods Studio

Propel Your Agile Practice   

We offer a range services in coaching and implementation of Agile to help with your goals in creating better software and better meeting your customer’s needs

Agile & Scrum Fundamentals
When you have decided to move forward with Agile and want to start your first team, we help you get everyone on the same page with the basics to get started on the Agile path.

Agile Turbo Charge
When you already have Agile teams setup and want to take your practices to the next level or clear impediments your teams have encountered, we help you assess your gaps and to address.

Agile Tool Administration
We help you fortify your Agile processes with an Agile tool.

In-person, practical assistance to improve your product development processes with focus on enhancing your internal skill proficiency.

Scrum Framework
Sprint Planning - We help your team facilitate sprint planning sessions to forecast your team's velocity, decompose scope into tasks and define sprint goals and commitment.

Retrospectives - We facilitate your retrospectives with an outsider’s perspective - to generate ideas for process improvement and  prioritize them for implementation. 

Story Writing - We will coach your product owners and model how to write effective user and non-functional stories. We will work with your team to elaborate on story Acceptance Criteria and Definition of Done and to best apply them.

Backlog Refinement - Whether you are starting out with hundreds of issues or features tucked in a tool that nobody looks at it or just starting out with defining your new product, we will work with your team to facilitate backlog refinement sessions. 

Team-Level Metrics -  Explain the use of Team-level metrics and coach their development and tracking.

If you are like many other organizations with deeply rooted plan-based methodologies and a gradual adoption of Agile practices is more practical for your team(s)/organization, we will work with you to enable flexible Agile practices - guiding your team through the transition from SDLC to Agile processes.

Special Projects
We turbo-charge project or program management of your time critical technology implementation and/or business process transformation initiatives.